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You can search for words or phrases within any Pages, News Posts, Events or Directory Listings on our site. Here’s how it works:

  • To find anything containing a single word or part of a word, for example “spa,” type the word into the Search Box and click on the Search button — THIS SEARCH RETURNS any content that contains the word “spa” AND any content containing a word with “spa” in it, such as “space”

  • Multiple words are automatically treated as phrases — To find anything that contains a phrase, for example “board of directors,” type the entire phrase into the Search Box and click on the Search button — THIS SEARCH RETURNS all content that contains the exact phrase “board of directors”

  • IF YOU’RE HAVING TROUBLE, try making your search more general — for example, since we can’t anticipate every way that visitors will search for information on the Woodsmen’s Field Days, try entering “woodsmen” instead of a more detailed phrase

  • NOTE — You cannot search information on our Links page, so please click on the Links tab to see these entries

    After you click the Search button, we display links to any content we have containing your word or phrase. Then just click on one of these links to jump to that content.

    BE CAREFUL ABOUT SEARCHING FOR COMMON WORDS OR NUMBERS! If you search on “Boonville” or on “1″ you will obviously get a lot of results.

Navigation Tabs

Click on the tabs at the top of each page to visit the major sections of our web site. To return to the Home Page just click the “Home” tab.

Right Sidebar

The sidebar located on the right hand side of each page contains the Search Box, important announcements and other information to which we want to provide easy access. Click any of these links or pictures for more information.

“News” and Comments

The “News” tab at the top of each page takes you to our Chamber News stories. The stories are arranged in date order starting with the most recent item. It’s possible to provide comments about a particular News story providing we’ve enabled the comments section for that story. Simply enter your comments and optionally your contact information, then click the Submit button. We read all comments and reserve the right to reject any we find unsuitable for display. Once we publish your comments you can see them online by clicking on the associated News story.

Member Directory

The “Directory” tab at the top of each page takes you to our Member Directory. You can browse the Directory by Business Category or see an alphabetical listing of all Members by clicking on the links at the top of each Directory page. Clicking on the link for a Member displays more detailed information.

RSS Updates

Our site provides Real Simple Syndication (RSS) updates for News and other Topics as we see fit to publish. You can subscribe to these RSS feeds via your browser or RSS reader. Please CLICK HERE to contact us if you have any questions about using RSS feeds on our site.